Can Women Solve Anything by Growing Unibrows?

It's a female response to "Movember," when men grow mustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer

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The time has come for women to join men in growing facial hair for a cause. Eyeing "Movember," a decade-old movement in which men grow mustaches during November to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men's health issues, Feministing's Lori Adelman is calling on the ladies to grow a unibrow.

This holiday season, abstain from plucking, Adelman urges, and pencil in a single brow if need be. "Challenging cultural norms about women's facial hair while raising money for a good cause? Now that's just the kind of thing that gets me in the holiday spirit."

But the call, naturally, is drawing some blowback from the usual suspects--a mustache, the argument goes, is charmingly retro, and a unibrow is not. Of course, blowback is probably the point anyway.

I'm all about girl power and supporting good causes, but I'm not about to sacrifice my looks for either one. ... I'm way too vain to do this, even if it is to save the world. I know, I am a tad superficial--I've accepted it. But at least I'm not delusional to think it will make much of a difference. ... I know women who shave their head every year to support various cancer causes. I think it's amazing, but I'm not that brave. I'd never be able to pull off the bald look and then I'd just get depressed. Then I'd have to spend all my money on hair extensions and I wouldn't have any left over to, you know, donate to charity. See--it's a vicious cycle!
  • What About This Is New? The CEO of Concerned Women for America, Peggy Nance, asks. Nance tells The Daily Caller's Laura Donovan: "While I applaud the effort to raise awareness and funds to stop prostate cancer, I find it curious that feminists would choose to embrace facial hair and mostly wonder how that is different than any other month of the year."
  • Unibrows Are No Joke to Sufferers, Chattering Teeth warns. "As a victim of over-active brow follicle growth since childhood, I should warn you ladies that unibrows are not all glitter and glamour like they sound. Sure, what lady wouldn't want to be mistaken for Abe Vigoda in drag? It's just that it reeks havoc on the posture. I shudder to think what could be next for these women. JAN-EAR-ARY? BACKTOBER? NOSE-VEMBER?"
  • Crossing the Line  "Feminists are an odd bunch," The American Truth Machine observes. "They burn their bras, celebrate abortion, and don't shave their legs.  Sorry, but those are irrefutable facts. Now, they are going one step further. Growing Unibrows.  WHAT?!"
  • Next They'll Want to Watch Sports, Taxmanblog says. "It's always been my belief that the feminist movement has always been a misnomer. The appropriate name should be the masculist movement since the aims has always seemed to turn women into men. ... But hey, why stop there? Let's have women watch lot's of ESPN, drink lot's of beer & use foul language. That'll make for a real attractive woman."
  • Typical  "This post at just completely infuriates me," Nathan at Politically Inccorrect Commentary writes. "The levels of hypocrisy, hate, sexism, and man-bashing are just beyond words. They rip apart a charity that donating over $42 million last year alone for research into prostate and testicular cancer and depression, simply because the charity is male based? Are they really that hypocritical that they must slander an organization that helps more than just people with vaginas?"
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