Today's Security Saga: 'Show Me the Blankey'

Reader Andrew Metcalf, fresh off a trans-Atlantic flight, has this report.

>>I just came back from London to Atlanta with my 2 year old daughter and wife. My daughter was randomly chosen for a security screening in London. They put a sticker on her boarding pass. When we got down the jetway a screener asked her to stand up out of her stroller, and she asked for her to show her her blanket. They also had to double check our passports for some reason as part of the screening. Meanwhile I got to watch everyone else get one board to take our overhead space (fortunately there was some left!).

The whole time the staff was very polite, and some apologized for how stupid this was. I really couldn't believe it. I was kind of glad they chose her rather than me: I had an entire duffle bag full of toys and electronics (for the 9 hour flight ahead) that would have taken another 10 minutes to go through.<<

Previously in the toddler-menace saga here. Really, how long can this go on?

Update: TSA's John Pistole is among the guests on the Diane Rehm show today, starting at 10am EST.  Details here.