'The Smartest Aggregator'

Congrats to all my friends/colleagues at The Atlantic Wire which has just been given the Media Vanguard Award for "smartest aggregator" by Advertising Age magazine:


A standalone web product from Atlantic Media, the parent company of venerable glossy The Atlantic, The Atlantic Wire smartly aggregates opinion journalism by, in the site's own words, "following hundreds of leading opinion-makers and commentators to provide an essential framework to the day's best analysis and most daring and important arguments." The site's team parses op-ed pages, blogs, cable news shows, talk radio, magazine articles and more across five departments (politics, business, culture, technology and global) in a rather heroic and voracious act of curation. How do they find the time to not only consume all this stuff, but sift through it and present it so thoughtfully?

This site is so well done that once you make a habit of using it, it begins to feel like an essential part of your life. Break the habit for a while, and you'll start to feel, well, stupid. Or at least less on top of "What Everybody's Thinking," as The Atlantic Wire's tagline so aptly puts it.

If you don't read it regularly, you should.