Huffington Post Launches Divorce Section

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The Huffington Post has sections on all sorts of things—tech, comedy, Denver—but the Monday evening debut of a divorce section is something more distinctive. HuffPo Divorce, as it's called, hopes to serve thousands of readers who, like Arianna Huffington, have found that "marriage is for some time but divorce is forever."

Overseen in some sense up by author Nora Ephron, who coincidentally is pushing a book with a chapter on divorce, the section raised eyebrows when the concept was announced last month. Soon, however, readers will have their chance to weigh in on the site. It will be stuffed with first-person columns, advice from lawyers, and forums for readers to commiserate and debate. Ephron, of course, is optimistic about the section's prospects: "If you can make an entire industry from people who are interested in this topic for a year [weddings], imagine what you can do with people who are stuck with divorce for life."

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