Homeward Bound

Thousands of international travelers board planes to the US without invasive backscatter or enhanced pat-down measures

I'm in the Shanghai Airport, waiting to board my plane to Toronto, and then through to DC.  No TSA here; it took me longer to get through the customs exit inspection than through the security line--this even though I somehow set off the metal detector.  I was deftly patted down by a nice Chinese girl with a metal detector wand, who passed me when it became clear that there was nothing in my pockets.

If the TSA thinks I'm dangerous now, without backscatter or "enhanced patdown", then they should be in for a sleepless night, because there will be no further checks between here and DC other than a quick stop through customs.  Even worse, there are thousands like me getting on planes bound for the United States in Europe, Asia, and other continents.

Naturally, I will be vigilant about underwear bombers.  The rest of you . . . well, I don't know how you look out for cavity bombers.  But be safe out there.