Happy Hour Vid: Wheel of Fortune Genius Restores Your Faith in Humanity

Brave thinker or bravest thinker?

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This week's New York magazine has a cover story explaining why now is the time to be optimistic about America's future. It is a good story--thoughtful and direct--but writer Michael Idov uses 3770 words where really two would suffice: Caitlin. Burke. She's the New York City fashion editor who, on Wheel Of Fortune Friday night, solved a seven-word, 27-character puzzle with just a single letter on the board. We watched the episode live, and can honestly say it was as inspiring as the Miracle On Ice, although more politically significant, because Burke defied Pat Sajak, whereas all America did was beat the Soviet Union in hockey.

We really don't know what else to say, except Ich Bin Ein Caitlin Burke. (Also: down with payroll taxes.)

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