Children With Bombs

From the New York Times, which reports today that there is apparently some sort of controversy about new Transportation Security Administration regulations:

Agents are not permitted to look inside passengers' underwear or reach inside a skirt, and children 12 and younger are supposed to receive a modified pat-down.

This is one of many reasons why airport security is a farce. Many terrorist organizations do not view the use of children in suicide missions as taboo. Therefore, if you were a terror planner, wouldn't you use a child to smuggle a bomb aboard a plane? Who can forget the case of Nizar Hindawi, who was ready to murder his unborn child in order to blow up an El Al flight?

Profiling -- not ethnic or racial profiling, but individualized profiling, designed to suss out, through questioning, the reason a passenger is attempting to board a plane -- is the only reasonable answer to the challenges posed by terrorism.