Obama: Crypto-Catholic?

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Jeffrey Weiss recently got some complaints from Politics Daily readers for not "digging deeper" into Obama's "religious history." It seems a few of them had caught the false Obama-is-a-Muslim bug.

Scolded by a reader who said "a real reporter would keep probing," Weiss dutifully dove into our president's past. What did he discover? A Catholic school, attended while the young Obama was still living in Indonesia. Writes Weiss, not quite seriously:

What did he learn and when did he learn it at Santo Fransiskus Asisi? Is it possible that President Obama is a secret Catholic? (I'm not the first person to raise the question, btw. )

The fun and games progressed when Weiss's fellow Politics Daily writer David Gibson, who also writes for Catholic magazine Commonweal, learned that the president actually carries a picture of Mary Help of Christians in his wallet:

Of course ...Mary Help of Christians was famously invoked during the Battle of Lepanto and the Seige of Vienna, both battles of Christendom against Ottoman Turks--the Muslims. So what that says about Obama's Muslim bona fides, I don't know.

But this Marian devotion could be further proof of my colleague Jeff Weiss's contention that Obama is a crypto-Catholic rather than a Morisco.

The Kennedy parallels continue. When we learn that the Birthers are right, and Obama really isn't a citizen, having been born in Dublin...then it's time to worry.

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