For High School Bullies, It Gets Worse

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As the Wire noted today, the author and sex columnist Dan Savage recently started an outreach campaign on YouTube called the It Gets Better Project, offering messages of encouragement and hope to queer teens who face harassment and may be considering suicide. The project now features dozens of videos, all of them in some way reinforcing the message that yes, life does get better after high school for victims of bullying.

But what about for the bullies? Lindsay Beyerstein at Big Think points us toward a video with the answer. For bullies, life after high school gets worse. A lot worse.

I just want to say to other kids like me out there, the ones kind of just making fun of the -- "faggot," yelling those kind of things--it gets worse. It's been about a decade since high school now. I am the manager at the--assistant manager at the Foot Locker. Ladies' Foot Locker... night manager. It's not going exactly as I planned ... People are not as big a fan of bigotry anymore.

The video is the product of Gregory Bonsignore, an actor and playwright who identifies as gay on his TED profile. It's not clear at first whether the video is satirical, but the delivery is just a little too good, and the punch lines a little too regular, not to be scripted. Meanwhile, Savage has linked to it at The Stranger, suggesting he's all right with the parody.


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This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.