Followups: TSA, Seat-Backs, Giants-Dodgers

1) Before your next trip to the airport, in fact before your next trip to anyplace other than where you are at this moment, you have to read Jeff Goldberg's account of the new TSA "pat-down" procedures. This being a family-values part of the Atlantic's web site, I'll leave it at that. But go read it now.

2) A former airline employee says that obeying flight attendants' commands to "place your seat back and tray table in the full upright and locked position" is not purely about establishing the attendants' dominance over the passengers, dog-trainer style, so that passengers will obey quickly if there's a real emergency. This reader says:

Despite your reader's delightful cynicism, the FAA requires seatbacks to be put in the upright and locked position for evacuation purposes. It's the same reason you have to keep your bag under the seat in front of you, and not under your legs. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for passengers to get out of a burning airplane. The only time this might be an issue is at takeoff and landing, hence the rule.

This was my first question to my boss several years ago when I had a gig in the safety department of a US airline.

3) From Parker Donham, of Nova Scotia, a followup on how a Dodgers fan can sympathize with the Giants (previously here), with bonus observation of how the latest streaming-audio/ iPhone technology has recreated some of the old magic of "seeing" a baseball game on the radio. It's at Donham's "Contrarian" site, here. He also mentions something I should have, which is how much Vin Scully, the "Voice of the Dodgers" broadcaster for the past 60+ years, has shaped and enriched the experience of baseball, and life in general.

UPDATE 4) (Constitutional scholar) Garrett Epps's analysis of the Constitutional thinking of Tea Party scholars is also very much worth reading.