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Even though gay marriage isn't legal in Texas, that hasn't prevented opponents from taking that extra step: banning already-married gay couples from getting a divorce in the state. In a ruling reported by the Dallas Morning News, the state's 5th District Court of Appeals in Dallas has reversed a decision that allowed gay couples to legally dissolve their marriage. The ruling is quickly becoming another case-study of the trench warfare that's taking place between gay rights advocates and opponents across the country. Here's a snapshot of the reactions:

  • It's the Antithesis to the Prop 8. Ruling notes John Wright at The Dallas Voice. "Thankfully, we can take comfort in knowing that the gay divorce ruling will have a limited impact in terms of legal precedent. And maybe, just maybe, it will serve as a helpful reminder about just how far the LGBT community has to go in places like Texas."

  • An Appeal Is Planned report Eric Kreindler and Frank Heinz at NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, and if an appeal is granted the case would likely go to the Texas Supreme Court. The reporters also wonder about other types of marriage annulments: "But what if it's a woman and her same-sex transgender partner?"
  • Confusion Ensues After Ruling writes Ashby Jones at The Wall Street Journal. "And in arguments before the three appellate judges, all Republicans, argued that to recognize same-sex divorce, Texas would have to recognize same-sex marriage."
  • 'By Invalidating Gay Divorces, Isn't He In Some Sense Forcing Gay Marriage?' blogs Carmel Lobello at Death and Taxes magazine. "Not being allowed to marry a partner would be maddening indeed, but nothing would feel more infuriating than being forced to stay married to someone I was over."

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