It Gets Better

I am incredibly moved by Dan Savage's new project to tell gay teens that It Gets Better.  I don't know how many suicides it will prevent, but if the number is even one, it will have been well worth it.  Besides, I think many people besides gay teens will be inspired by seeing people talk about their triumph over a rough start.

I hesitate to amend a "but", because I don't want to diminish the project in any way.  Still, one lingers . . . shouldn't people be doing this for more than just gay kids?  A lot of kids are horribly bullied--weird kids, smart kids, new kids, whatever--and some of them, too, kill themselves.  And even the many more who don't might need to hear that it doesn't just get better for gay people, but that Aspergers nerds and fat kids and everyone else who gets singled out by abuse really can go on to have a happy, meaningful life that they're very glad they aren't missing out on.

Update:  Just to be clear, I'm hoping other people will do this, not that Savage will dilute his own project.