I recently discovered, as countless before me have, that blogs are a great way to indulge one's odder enthusiasms. "Gerbils?" you ask. No, hyperbolic hurricane headlines, Matt Drudge's particularly. I'm a big fan of them, and every time a hurricane approaches I click over to find out what he's come up with. After confessing this here, I was surprised by the number of readers who share my fixation. It led to a contest to see who could top Drudge, and I'm half convinced he got his headline for Hurricane Earl ("MONSTER") from one of my readers.

With Hurricane Igor fast approaching, I'd begun anticipating the headlines, and even thinking about another contest. Then, unprompted, reader Donald J. sent in what is hands down the best headline Drudge or anyone else could come up with, especially in light of the news that Igor is suddenly gaining strength and could get upgraded to a Category 5: "IT'S ALIVE!"

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