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Facing sharp criticism from Americans across the political spectrum (including a stern dressing-down by General Petraeus), Terry Jones, pastor of the Dove Outreach Center, decided to make his case in a CNN interview for why his church will be burning Korans on September 11th:

"We first declared September 11th 'International Burn a Koran Day' actually for two reasons. Number one: we wanted to remember those who were brutally murdered on September 11th and we wanted to send a very clear message to the radical element of Islam...that we are not interested in their Sharia law. We do not tolerate their threats, their fear, their radicalness...."

He also stated that "Muslims are more than welcome" to live in America, worship and build mosques. And when reminded that his actions might offend all adherents of Islam, he appeared to take a quid-pro-quo stance, saying that "I am offended when they [Muslims] burn the flag...when they burn the Bible."

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