Endorsement Deals

I've been meaning to say the following: All of you should be reading Emily Hauser's blog. Emily, who comments here, got a shout-out from Nicholas Kristof during Peretz-gate (and someone else who I can't remember.) But that aside, she impresses me because she displays a quality which all bloggers struggle with--commitment.

If you're ever bored scroll through the first two or three months of this blog. You'll find whole weeks where the comment space is a desert. I think my first month, only my Dad commented, mostly to say "Nice work, son." I didn't care. (I mean I cared about my Dad of course. I didn't care about the lack of others.) I was writing for me. I was always writing for me.

I haven't talked to Emily about this but what I get from her blog is self-compulsion--she is writing because she, aside from everything else, is compelled to write. In my experience, the kind of people who make successful blogs, are the kind of people who've already been blogging in their heads for years. And then the dam gives way.

Blogging is like any other kind of writing. You don't really choose to do it. You just can't choose not to.