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Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell spent the day Monday distancing herself from her 1999 comments on Politically Incorrect about having "dabbled into witchcraft" and attended a "midnight picnic on a Satanic altar" in her youth. For its part, the Church of Wicca appears just as eager to distance itself from Christine O'Donnell.

"We don’t have picnics on top of altars," Wiccan high priestess Selena Fox told The Daily Beast's Ben Crair. "We are not Satanist. And we have good character, not ‘questionable’ character."

In the same article, Ivo Dominguez, owner of a "metaphysical general store" in Dover, Delaware, says the First State's witches are already lining up against O'Donnell. "A couple of my local politician friends say she’s losing the Wiccan vote," Dominguez told Crair. "Well, I said she never had the pagan vote for the most part to begin with."

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