Bakery Refuses to Make Gay Cupcakes

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A bakery in Indianapolis, Indiana, has refused an order for rainbow-colored cupcakes placed by a gay student group. The Indiana University students wanted the cupcakes to commemorate National Coming Out Day on October 11.

The Advocate's Julie Bolzer reports that the bakery owners cite "family values" and worried "what message the rainbow confections would send to their two 'young, impressionable daughters.'" The refusal to bake the cupcakes is apparently unrelated to the fact that the name of the bakery is Just Cookies.

The local Fox affiliate provides this entertaining--and damning--video of Just Cookies staff giving a variety of conflicting reasons for denying service. "We don't make cupcakes. ... We don't have enough colors. ... We're a family run business and we have two, young impressionable daughters, and we thought maybe it would be best not to do that."