What An Evacuation Slide Looks Like When Not Being Used By Steven Slater

Via Jason Stverak, president of the Franklin Center, video from inside the airport of passengers evacuating a United jet earlier today at O'Hare. YouTube video is here, screen shot below.


If you watch to the end of the brief clip, you'll get to hear a little girl inside the terminal ask, "Mommy can I do that slide?"

The Franklin Center, whose full auspices I don't know, says on its site that its mission is:

to promote social welfare and civil betterment by undertaking programs that promote journalism and the education of the public about corruption, incompetence, fraud, or taxpayer abuse by elected officials at all levels of government. The Franklin Center will accomplish these goals by networking and training independent investigative reporters, as well as journalists from state based news organizations, public-policy institutions & watchdog groups.

In this context, it says, the "video is example of citizen journalism at work." Interesting, and glad that all involved seem to be OK.