Web Preacher: U.S. Must Convert to Catholic Monarchy

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As long as we're considering denying freedom of religion to Muslim-Americans, former CBS affiliate anchor and current Web-based Catholic evangelist Michael Voris has an idea: Why not just go ahead and become a Catholic monarchy? Voris, in a series of Youtube videos where he patiently explains his argument to the heathen mass of non-Catholics that makes up 76 percent of America, insists that democracy is actually just a "dictatorship of relativism" and that Catholics must rule. The original video, calling for the overthrow of the democratic government and the establishment of a medieval-style crown loyal to the Pope, was removed after it was flagged by popular science blogger P.Z. Myers. However, Voris posted a second video clarifying his position.

"And just for clarity, let's repeat, so every understands," Voris said in his second edict. "Western civilization would be better off if it were a Catholic monarchy." Just in case you were concerned that Voris is seeking the destruction of the U.S. government, he clarifies, "How this comes about I don't know. The point wasn't to publicize a battle plan for overthrowing the secular humanist government. It was to point out that we are already living under a dictatorship. The dictatorship of relativism." Ultimately, he says, we are "either slaves to Christ or Satan" and only by instituting a Catholic monarchical rule can we avoid being slaves of Satan.

Voris mostly just complains about "the sad sack boo birds" who don't like his idea, especially "angry atheists" and "secular bloggers," who show "all the enmity of Satan himself," and who Voris implies will all burn in Hell. The lesson, Voris says, is that "Catholics need to start seeing the world for what it is, for what it has always been, ruled by a hate-filled angelic monster that wants to destroy." These "atheists," which presumably include anyone opposed to his plan and thus all members of the U.S. government or any other Western democracy, are "in love with evil" and are probably the offspring of the snake that offered Eve the apple in the Garden of Eden. "They will die for their sins."

Readers will be shocked--shocked!--to read that Voris also dedicated a video to "The Jews." His argument is long and involved, but Voris basically argues that it is wrong and "anti-Semitic" to "hate" someone for being ethnically Jewish, but that it is perfectly acceptable to condemn followers of the Jewish faith, which Voris says expired centuries ago and has been replaced with a false, blasphemous religion that is against God. For a taste of what this man has to offer, here's Voris's second "Catholic monarchy" video:

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