Pat Sajak Muses on Race Relations

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Since 1983, vowel-buying Americans have turned to Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak for sanity and good sense. So it was only logical that conservative blog Ricochet would ask Sajak to weigh in regarding our national dialogue on race relations. Apparently, the "Wheel of Fortune" host is against it. Explains Sajak:

On my game show recently, an African-American contestant mentioned that he could teach anyone to be a Hip-Hop singer. I leaned over to him and stage-whispered, “I’m sorry, but I’m hopelessly Caucasian.” It was a joke on me and my lack of “hipness” and my white bread image, but I found myself re-examining the line later. Was I engaging in stereotyping? Could my remarks have been offensive? Would viewers be uncomfortable with what I said? I decided it was a harmless (and somewhat amusing) little comment, but it was the fact I gave it any thought at all that troubled me.

Let that be a lesson to you. Don't talk about race. You could be making a game show host (or failed late-night host) uncomfortable.

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