No More Mosques in America

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In a widely panned post on the American Family Association's blog, Bryan Fischer, the Public Policy director at the organization, attempts to make the case that, "Permits should not be granted to build even one more mosque in the United States of America, let alone the monstrosity planned for Ground Zero." Hinging his conspiratorial argument on a 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document, he proceeds to explain that the "subversive ideology" of Islam lies in direct conflict with that of the First Amendment.

Fischer explains:

They are currently using First Amendment freedoms to make plans to destroy the First Amendment altogether. There is no such thing as freedom of religion in Islam, and it is sheer and utter folly for Americans to delude themselves into thinking otherwise.

And offers his solution:

If a mosque was willing to publicly renounce the Koran and its 109 verses that call for the death of infidels, renounce Allah and his messenger Mohammed, publicly condemn Osama bin Laden, Hamas, and Abdelbaset al Megrahi (the Lockerbie bomber), maybe then they could be allowed to build their buildings. But then they wouldn’t be Muslims at that point, now would they?

Not surprisingly, a number of pundits quickly pounced on his divisive take:

  • This Isn't the First Time "Fischer has a lurid history of writing some pretty inflammatory stuff on AFA blog, such as that the U.S. should impose 'legal sanctions for homosexual behavior,'" notes Jillian Rayfield at Talking Points Memo.

  • Let's Acknowledge What We Are Increasingly Learning  Namely, that "the base of the GOP - aided and abetted by what's left of their elites - want a religious war abroad and at home not on Jihadism, but on Islam itself," points out Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish.

  • I Thought It Was a Joke but apparently its a meme that's going national, remarks Adam Weinstein at Mother Jones. "As evidence for [his inflammatory] claim, Fischer cites a flyer distributed by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1991, which is sort of like drawing broad conclusions about all Christians from a flyer distributed by...well, the American Family Association [Fischer's organization]."

  • A Major Problem With Fischer's Screed is that "there cannot possibly be a connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and American mosque projects such as the so-called 'Ground Zero' mosque," retorts Doug Mataconis at Outside the Beltway. Furthermore, this damaging mindset is that same type that doesn't distinguish between religious sects and doesn't acknowledge that there is "no such thing as a Muslim who doesn’t agree with the murderous ideology of men like Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Atta."

  • Anti-Muslim Hatred Gets More Overt Every Day bluntly states Kathy Kattenburg at The Moderate voice blog. "The heart of racist ideology is the inability to distinguish between the individual and the group — the attribution of all negativity a collective quality of the group as a whole, and the dismissal of any evidence that contradicts this racist ideology as exception to the rule."

  • They Keep Showing Their True Colors writes John Aravosis at Americablog. "Funny how people who are bigots when dealing with gays are also bigots when dealing with other minorities. Who'd have prepared you for that?"

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