Nigerian Spammer to Blame for Clinton's Campaign Debt

Golly, it turns out that when I wrote about Hillary Clinton's efforts to retire her campaign debts yesterday, I didn't know the half of it! According to this authentic-seeming email making the rounds, Clinton's debts would be long gone, but for the nefarious doings of her "Chief Campaign Officer":

Dear Friend, This letter is not intended to cause any embarrassment in whatever form, rather is compelled to contact your esteemed self, following the knowledge of your high repute and trustworthiness. I am David Garfield, Chief Campaign Officer of the PRINCIPAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE OF DEMOCRATS: OBAMA 2014 INC ID: C00411934. I write to seek your sincere assistance in transferring the sum of £10M GBP 10 million Pounds sterling. I discovered my office has some excess funds amounting too 10 million Pounds recovered from donations and grants from democrats around the world during our election campaign and pleas for support for our incumbent president Barack Hussein Obama, According to plans, The excess funds was to used in clearing debts owed by Mrs Hillary Clinton during her campaign programs,I taught there is a better way of expending this funds.I want this money to be used to alleviate the poverty and sufferings of children in Iraq and Africa and donate to Charity organizations around the world. My plea to you is that you assist me get this funds out of the United Kingdom where it is presently lodged safe and for your assistance ,you will have a fair percentage of the total money and all investments shall be under your supervision. This simple transfer process could be arranged in less than 3 working days. I await your sincere response, David .A. Garfield. Chief Campaign Officer, Barack Obama Campaign Office. E-MAIL:( <> )