Dithering (Bonus Beat)

A few points:

1.) There are some awfully persuasive comments in the original thread about Obama's statements on religious freedom. I'm not sure that's even the right phrase. I'm not totally swayed by them. But there's much to think about--particularly the distinction between what the Obama Administration says, and how it's reported. I don't think it's cynical to note that we have a press dependent on the fight of the day. It's useful to remember that and keep these things in perspective.

2.) I think, for those of us who are frustrated, what rankles is the need for clarification. The criticism is that we, the critics, are responding to Politico's tactics. I think that actually gets it backwards. What I see is an administration responding to Politico's tactics--and then responding again. The fact that Obama isn't endorsing the mosque is, for me, obvious from the first statement.

I'm not convinced that any of his critics are swayed by the clarifications, whereas I do think that some of his sympathizers are disheartened. Perhaps it's a shot at some unconvinced middle. I don't know. I think there's room to disagree.

3.) I'm going to ask that the original thread be the last time anyone here writes the phrase "Professional Left." Much like "tea-bagger," it's something you say once frustration has taken over, and you've given up on precisely naming your disagreement. I do not know who constitutes the "Professional Left." I do know that once you take up the phraseology of government flacks, you have lost.