Vanity Fair Profiles Unknown, Ugly Actors

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Vanity Fair magazine, renowned for painstakingly documenting the high-life of Hollywood starlets, foreign royalty and political luminaries, is now embarking on an unusual online project: honoring the "most banal and insignificant roles" in this years crop of movies. Dubbed "The Extras" by Vanity Fair Daily's Juli Weiner, the list looks at the IMDb credits of such obscure roles as "Massive Cell Phone Guy" in Hot Tub Time Machine or "Man with Blonde" in Date Night.

Here's a preview (the entire list is here):

9. Man on Plane Speaking Chinese (The Karate Kid)

8. Nervous Prison Guard (The Last Airbender)

7. Hansom [not to be confused with “Handsome”] Cab Driver (When in Rome)

6. Randy Mechanic (Knight and Day)

At the very least, the actors can add one prodigous line to their (presumably thin) resumes: profiled by Vanity Fair.

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