Mick Jagger, Bill Gates Give Parenting Tips

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This week, two public figures gave parenting advice on subjects they know a lot about: Bill Gates on technology and Mick Jagger on drugs.

The Rolling Stones frontman has a reputation for hard living and has fathered seven children, so the Associated Press figured that would make him an expert on "sex, drugs and bringing up children." Turns out Jagger has some pretty clever tips:

AP: Parents will say "Don't do drugs, don't do that" but they'll be like "but dad..."

Jagger: If they say "You did it" you say, "That's 'cause I know, I can tell you by experience. I'm not just telling you from a, sort of, inexperienced point of view. I can tell you the good things and the bad things about it."

Jagger was speaking with the AP while promoting the new documentary "Stones in Exile," which, among other things, depicts the band's hedonistic rock and roll lifestyle, as an article in Contact Music explains:

In one scene, the eight-year-old son of a backing musician can be seen telling the filmmakers that his job is to roll marijuana cigarettes for whoever wants them.

But Jagger insists the group's behaviour was normal at the time.

He tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph, "You don't see anything that bad (in the documentary), do you? Lots of children running around rolling joints. And, you know, people making music. It's pretty much what I imagine most people think being in a rock band is all about. But yes... excess was the order of the day. But you get excesses now in consumption of other things like consumer goods." 

As for Gates, he spoke with Larry King about Facebook and how he supervises his children:
I certainly look at my kids Facebook accounts, they're young enough that that's still appropriate. No one knows should your parents be allowed to be your friend or not. And we're finding our way. None of these new technologies come without some real issues that have to be thought through. How many hours do you want to let your kid use it? Are they just playing the games? What's that like? We go through some of that as parents.
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