Happy Hour Vid: So What If Women Have a Majority in Colleges?

Two men weigh the consequences of Hannah Rosin's depiction of men's future

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The Atlantic Wire already brought you one woman's critique of Hanna Rosin's Atlantic cover story called The End of Men. Now Bloggingheads has brought two men together to discuss the piece. Slate's Timothy Noah (a colleague of Hanna Rosin's) and James Pinkerton of Fox News cover a lot of ground, from data showing that women fill the majority of spots in colleges to the matter of innovation, on which Pinkerton takes a provocative position:

All through history women tend to fill in institutions that men create--and when those institutions get filled up by women men create another institution.

In other words, as he and Noah hash out in the humorous exchange that follows, the general idea is this: women can have the Supreme Court--it's not cool anymore anyway. Watch where they go from there: