Gawker Buzzes Limbaugh's Wedding

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This weekend, hard-right radio personality Rush Limbaugh married his fourth wife, a party planner named Kathryn Rogers. The Wire has already reported on Elton John's performance for Limbaugh, and the Internet's bemused reaction, but Sir Elton wasn't the only unusual well-wisher that day: New York-based gossip site Gawker paid a local pilot to fly a banner over the Palm Beach ceremony that read, "RUSH: CONGRATS ON YOUR 4TH MARRIAGE XO GAWKER."

As Adrian Chen explains, the banner was chosen from a field of submissions from Gawker commenters. Picking the right one wasn't easy:

Many of the messages we liked were too controversial for the pilot we hired to fly the banner over Palm Beach. (He lives there and has a business to run, and he was skittish about pissing off everyone in town.) Many others referenced Limbaugh's years-old prescription drug arrest, which seemed like a bit of a cheap shot no matter how clever they were, or how much he might deserve it. There were quite a few good political ones, too, touching on gay marriage and the oil spill. But we'll leave staging protests at weddings to the Westboro Baptist Church.

In the end, the winning entry was "a simple, straightforward message that made us laugh when we imagined it flying over Rush Limbaugh's wedding. And it was one we think was enjoyed by all who had gathered again to celebrate the sacred, everlasting union between Limbaugh and yet another woman."

Chen rounds out the post by listing a few of the more acerbic runners-up ("Wishing You Months of Bliss"; "Prescribing You Many Happy Years Together") and offering some words of solace: "For everyone upset that their message wasn't chosen, there's always number 5."

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