Friday Afternoon Coffee Break Links

[Courtney Knapp]

Astronomers at the University of Sheffield have made an audio recording of the magnetic fields present in the atmosphere of the sun, listen to the vibration of the coronal loops.

What America would look like if LA kept sprawling (and other Altered States).

"Police snack carts rolling down streets emptied of hot-dog vendors. Corporate logos magically missing from address plaques on buildings." A view inside the G20 summit "security zone" in Toronto.

This Sunday, the NHL champion Blackhawks will carry the Stanley Cup down North Halsted Street in Chicago's Pride Parade.

Photos from NASA's Earth Observatory offer another perspective on the BP Oil Spill.

How airplanes create hole-punch clouds.

Did you know that otters have to be taught to swim? Watch this video of an otter pup's first swimming lesson, courtesy of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.