5 Lamest Father's Day Gift Suggestions

...and none of them are ties

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Father's Day is nigh and with it, the usual outpouring of ideas from friendly bloggers, home decorating gurus, and fashionistas on what to get dad besides a tie. Everyone wants to celebrate in the nicest way possible, so it's only natural that opinion makers would lend their suggestions as well. It's just that some of the suggested ideas are, for one reason or another, terrible. Here, a rundown of some of the odder suggestions on what to get dad for his big day.
  • Ethnic Hatred Paraphernalia Wonkette's created some Arizona immigration law-themed stuff, perfect for dads who love to show their anti-illegal immigrant pride. 
  • Bat House "Urban chicken farming is so last year," says Eric Steinman at Treehugger. "Instead of waking up to the rooster's call, I want to bolster the nocturnal activity in my life with a bat house."
  • Home Office Author Laura Vanderkam says giving your father his own space is the best present. The ideal form that space should take? Not an entertainment room or "man cave." Instead,"a home office might actually make Dad's life a lot better."
  • Nothing. Just You.  Forget the material things, designer Courtney Cachet suggests, "I think most Dads would be happiest spending Father's Day just being with their kids and their wives, not busting their balls about something around the house." A sweet idea, but as she notes, that means giving him something "Dad already has."
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