Vital News From Washington's Most Important Journalist

From Mike Allen's Politico Playbook today:

ROBERT AND DR. ELENA ALLBRITTON opened their Georgetown home to Washington for the first time yesterday for the ALLBRITTON/POLITICO GARDEN BRUNCH. The menu included a crepe station, plus passed hors d'oeuvres: BLT savory cupcakes (mini zucchini bread cupcakes topped with herbed cream cheese, fresh baby tomato, and crispy bacon), lobster grapefruit spoons (Maine lobster poached in court bouillon and served warm in a white Chinese spoon napped with a grapefruit beurre blanc), citrus salmon toasts, Asian chicken salad cups, gazpacho with cucumber and grilled cheddar toasties. Small plates: boudin blanc/onion confit/apple juice, mini mushroom burgers, baby prime-beef burgers drizzle with truffle oil, mini eggs Benedict, tater tots, crab and mango salad. Buffet: basil goal cheese frittata, crisp applewood-smoked bacon, chicken and apple sausage, sweet corn custard, roasted vegetable stackwiches, baby artichoke heart with arugula and peace; bocconcini salad; yogurt and honey breakfast parfaits; there-berry parfaits; mini sticky buns; blueberry muffins; banana bread; plain and chocolate croissants.

In other news, many Americans continue to be unable to afford basil goat cheese frittatas.