It's not very surprising that Latinos in Arizona think the state's new immigration law will lead to racial profiling and excessive police stops--after all, that's been the basis of a national protest campaign--but, until today, we didn't have much polling (any polling, to my knowledge) breaking down just how Arizona Latinos feel about the law's and consequences.

Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found, earlier this week, that 82% of Hispanics nationwide are concerned about profiling. Today, SEIU and the National Council released an April 30-May 5 poll of 402 Latino Arizonans, conducted by Latino Decisions. 

In Arizona, Latinos overwhelmingly think the law will mean disproportionate police stops and officers using race as a primary factor in deciding whom to stop, according to the poll:

SEIU AZ poll police stops.jpg

SEIU AZ poll profiling.jpg
Taking things a step further, the poll finds that Arizona's Latinos feel this law would not have been passed if most immigrants in the state were European:

SEIU AZ poll Europeans.jpg

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