On McCarthyism at Politico

A Goldblog reader writes, in reference to the Politico story suggesting that Dennis Ross is disloyal to America:

I was surprised you didn't define these recent attacks on Dennis Ross by their proper name, McCarthyite. If you read the Politico story, you'll see that it fits the definition of McCarthyism to an absolute T. It is an anonymous smear of a government official designed to call into question his loyalty to the United States. We've all seen this movie before, and, just like during the previous iteration of McCarthyism, many of the victims are Jewish. This time, only the geography has changed. In the 1950s, these Jews were accused being loyal to Moscow, not to Washington. This time, Jews are accused of being loyal to Jerusalem, not to Washington. Why is it that American citizens who believe America should be closely allied with Israel are now being accused of treason? Nothing changes, does it?