Lunchtime Vid: Colbert Gives Props to Hipster Census Boycott

Who wears a shirt with the name of his own band?

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So what did the census reveal about America? For one thing, it demonstrated that the elusive species of young cultural elites known as "hipsters" don't feel much need to participate in national demographic studies. Census return rates in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn neighborhood famous for its alternative youth culture, were surprisingly low this year. Jester-pundit Stephen Colbert breaks down the numbers:

Only 36 percent of Williamsburg residents have filled out the form. Now to put that in perspective, folks, that is less than the number of Williamsburg residents who have tattoos of mermaids with TVs for heads.

In the same segment, Colbert encountered a "jarring touch of Williamsburg" in his own audience: a hipster, or someone claiming to be one, who hadn't filled out the census, but was in a band called I Filled Out the Census. Unaccountably, the young man did not venture his opinion on Representative Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, despite her well-established hipster-friendliness.

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