Jews Twitterbomb Glenn Beck With Haikus

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Christians weren't the only ones incensed by Glenn Beck's March denunciation of social justice. Jewish Funds for Justice, an organization dedicated to creating a "just, fair and compassionate America," launched a "Twitterstorm" to protest Beck's disparagement of a religious "social justice," which he said is "code language for Marxism." According to the Washington Post's David Waters, the group has collected over 1,500 haikus to be sent to Glenn Beck's Twitter account, primarily via their site Haik U Beck, the online base for the Twitter assault that hosts an explanation for the digital bombardment:

Why are we doing this? Because our organization's purpose has been to increase the very work Beck disdains; because we believe social justice can bring faiths together; because Passover and Nazis don't mix; and because those suffering from this recession need solutions not scapegoats. We are doing this to provide a place for people to rebut Beck's slander.
 The 24-hour protest, which began today at 9 AM EST, is rife with poetic gems, ranging from the contradictory...
All this time I thought
Christ helped those less fortunate,
What a fool I was.

Does the Bible say
anything about the poor?
It’s in there somewhere.
... to the adversarial:
Word search, "Social Justice", Glenn
Now leave your own church!

Hijacking Beliefs,
Does your mom know what you do?
She would be ashamed.
Waters questions the effectiveness of this large-scale Twitter-based protest. "As a protest, this is creative, but it seems more likely to just create more publicity for Beck," writes Waters. "And doesn't Glenn Beck seem like the kind of person who likes attracting a lot of attention? Is this creative or just counterproductive?"
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