World's Best Job in Journalism

Position will be open at The Washington Monthly.

Or, second-best, after being in the Atlantic tribe, is at the Washington Monthly magazine. My first "paying" job in the magazine world was there*, and in the long years since I've been a devoted alumnus and reader. (*Charles Peters, the founding entrepreneur/crusader/editor, filed for Chapter 11 protection a day after I signed on -- a contingency he hadn't mentioned in our previous talks. Good preparation for the necessary adaptability of the journalistic life, and still a very fortunate break to have met him, from my point of view.)

Every two years or so the latest team of young staff editors wears out and drops in the traces has learned everything that Charlie Peters and his successor Paul Glastris have to teach them, and a new team is brought in. At least one such opening is in sight at the Monthly. Details after the jump. This will be a great opportunity for someone. For another time: why I think long-term career prospects are actually bright for people in their 20s or thereabouts just getting into journalism now.

From the Monthly's announcement:


The Washington Monthly is seeking applications for an editor/reporter position that will be available soon. A sense of humor and a willingness to work long hours at low pay are required. Knowledge of politics, government and Washington a plus.

As a Monthly editor, you'll be following in the footsteps of many fine journalists who have had the same job, including: James Fallows, Nicholas Lemann, Jonathan Alter, Kate Boo, Matt Cooper, Jon Meacham, Taylor Branch, Amy Sullivan, Timothy Noah, James Bennet, Joshua Green, Michelle Cottle, Gregg Easterbrook, David Ignatius, Nick Confessore, Joe Nocera, Steven Waldman, Jason DeParle and many more.

Candidates should send a cover letter, résumé, and writing samples (not necessarily published, but showing fact-gathering and analytic ability) to:

To apply, please send the requested documents to Charles Homans: chomans at