Morning Vid: Beck Says It's 9/11 'All Over Again,' Minus Collapsing Buildings

Health care causes him to boil over

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As health care reform neared the finish line, Glenn Beck's rage--and hyperbole--grew. The Fox News host stepped up his dire warnings of the collapse of America, and his vitriol towards progressives grew more caustic.

With the health care bill now the law of the land, Beck finally boiled over late in his show on Thursday. Railing against the debt, health care reform, U.S.-Israel tensions, and the general state of America, he unleashed a vociferous five-minute tirade.

Discussing the rising debt, Beck furiously jabbed at his suit pockets to illustrate America's deficit spending.

The government needs to say, "Hey, this pocket is empty. Can you get it out of this pocket?" And this pocket doesn't have any money. It's supposed to be in there, but no. There is just a note from this pocket that said, "Hey, by the way, I put that money in there and I'm going to take it back. I put it in this pocket because we need to spend it. But I'm going to ask you so make sure there's money in there."

After working himself into a near-frenzy, Beck made a spiritual appeal while making an over-the-top historical analogy.

We need to fight hard within the rules and pray, get down on your knees and pray, pray. It is September 11th all over again except we didn't have the collapsing buildings, but we need God more than ever.

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