Carly Fiorina Loses Passover

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Passover, the week-long Jewish holiday that began Monday evening, is probably most associated with matzo. The cracker-like sheaths of unleavened bread are the well-known symbols of the holiday's most notable dietary requirement: no leavened bread.

So California Republican Senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina made quite a blunder when she sent out a Passover campaign email that read, "This week, as we break bread and spend time with our families and friends, I hope we also take a moment to say a word of thanks for our freedom and for those who have given their lives in freedom’s name."

  • Why She's Misguided  Politico's Ben Smith explains, "Observant Jews probably aren't 'breaking bread.' The holiday features an intricate ritual of purging your home of any crumb of leavened bread. Matza, an unleavened cracker, is the best-known symbol of the holiday, eaten to recall that the Jews fled Egypt in such a rush that they didn't have time for their bread to rise."
  • More Fiorina Gaffes  Liberal blogger Jonathan Singer laughs, "Score another one for the web team of California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina."
  • Boldest Spin Ever?  David Weigel catches the Fiorina campaign's damage control. "I think Carly Fiorina campaign spokeswoman Amy Thoma deserves some sort of prize for this spin on an email [...] 'We meant all bread, leavened and unleavened, and matzo is just unleavened bread so that’s what we meant by that.'"

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