ACORN-Sting Prostitute Courts Ezra Klein

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Hannah Giles gained fame in conservative circles when she posed as a prostitute and ran video "stings" of ACORN offices with James O'Keefe, who posed as her pimp. The videos were posted and heavily promoted by conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart on his site, Big Government. O'Keefe has since embroiled himself in a New Orleans wiretapping scandal, but Giles is blogging away at Big Government. In the midst of a typically long and rambling post about how young conservatives (like herself) are cooler than young liberals, Giles zeroes in on a surprising figure: Ezra Klein.

Ezra Klein is a blogger for the Washington Post and columnist for Newsweek. He is wonky, policy-focused, genial, liberal, and enmeshed in the establishment. In short, he is the polar opposite of Hannah Giles. So Klein may have been surprised to find in his Google alerts this morning that Hannah Giles had asked him out on a date.

"When Generations Collide: Ezra Klein, Will You Cook Me Dinner?" asks Giles' post on Big Government. After listing the many awesome young conservative leaders who prove that young conservatives are cooler than young liberals, Giles takes a moment to consider one possible exception.

The only young liberal that I would consider in their league is the 25 year-old Ezra Klein of Newsweek. He is extremely intellectual, creative and effective at communicating his ideas to mass audiences. That’s right, his ideas. [...]

Klein is a highly motivated individual who has definitely turned heads in Washington, and is well on his way to taking over. And he isn’t some malicious power hungry conspirator, working from the bad-guys version of the bat cave. He’s just a dude with a vision, and has the creative diligence to go out and make it real.

Not to mention, he made it on Jezebel’s Top ten sexiest everyday men of 2008 list, and is an avid health-food chef. Mix drive, intelligence, a national platform, looks and cooking skills and the nation has itself a new young liberal leader.

After buttering him up, Giles goes in for the kill and asks him out. The plan, it seems, is for Klein to cook her dinner, and then for Giles to convince him to become a conservative.

As much as I don’t agree with his political views, I do get where he is coming from. I dig his new media expertise, and actually, I could learn a lot from him since I’m new to the internet news/political world.  Also, once-upon-a-time I wanted be a nutritionist, so the cooking scores extra points with me.

So here’s my challenge to Mr. Klein: how about it, Ezra?  Will you make me dinner one evening?  Let’s put our ideas to the test and see who wins.

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