Tea Party vs. Coffee Party

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The Tea Party now has a challenger--for media attention, at least. A new organization called the Coffee Party is touting a pro-federal government, anti-obstructionist platform. On its Facebook page, the Coffee Party movement explicitly positions itself as an answer to the Tea Parties.  For example:

Many Americans reject the idea of working with the federal government or participating responsibly in the democratic process. For whatever reason, they have declared war on our government, and on our President. This is a destructive path.

The Coffee Party doesn't just think Tea Partiers are unhelpful. The party thinks they're a threat to the democratic process, and suggests it's a civic duty to oppose them. Their mission statement announces that Coffee Partiers will "recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will." This mission includes building up a grassroots base, electing positive leaders, and "hold[ing] accountable those who obstruct them."

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