'Is the Resurrection Funny?'

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One of the Web's sharpest religion writers, David Gibson of Politics Daily has a hearty appetite for tough questions and pop culture. (See him weigh Mother Teresa's appearance on a stamp and Rush Limbaugh's view on Jewish bankers--covered by the Wire here.) But on Friday he tackles a particularly thorny question for a Catholic convert: can the Resurrection be funny?

Gibson is inspired to ask the question by a Superbowl ad in which a suppose corpse comes tumbling out of the casket, alive, during a funeral. The man faked his death to get out of work and is watching the Superbowl while gobbling Doritos by the handful from inside the casket.

What's intriguing, Gibson reports, is that "the ad was produced by a Southern California mega-church hoping to take home up to $1 million."

Are people going to find this funny? Will they laugh themselves to a conversion experience?

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