Worst Opinion of the Day: Meghan McCain Is Sick of 'America's Boob Police'

The daughter of Republican Senator John McCain explores "the double standard for double Ds"

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AUTHOR: Megan McCain in the Daily Beast

MCCAIN'S PRIOR JOURNALISM EXPERIENCE: Maintaining a blog during her father's 2008 presidential campaign; frequent usage of Twitter

ACTUAL HEADLINE: "America's Boob Police"

ACTUAL DESCRIPTION OF THESIS: "the double standard for double Ds"

WHO ARE THESE BOOB POLICE?: Unnamed users of Twitter, grocery store tabloids

PEOPLE MAGAZINE IS: "the classiest of the tabloids"

ASKING THE TOUGH QUESTIONS: "Would Christina Hendricks still be considered 'big' if she had fake breasts instead of real ones?"


PREVIOUS MEGHAN MCCAIN BOOB PUNDITRY: The Twitter war inspired by McCain's own bosom; basically everyday on Twitter


I raise this question because it is something of a new, twisted paradox in American culture. Women with small breasts feel shamed or pressured into having cosmetic surgery to increase their breast size. Once they do, they are seemingly allowed to display them for all the world to see—as though we, too, are actually invested in this investment. Meanwhile, women with real breasts are shamed and pressured into only wearing high-cut dresses and blouses (or better, yet, turtlenecks!) lest they be ridiculed. [...] For all the strides we make as a society when it comes to talking about body image, there is still a real schizophrenia about what is ideal and acceptable.
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