Morning Vid: Obama's Greeting, and Kathy Griffin's Accidental Expletive

A 2010 pairing: well-wishing from the Oval Office, and a foul-mouthed outburst to test the FCC

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Kick off the brand-spanking-New Year with an official greeting from the man who drove the most debates in 2009, President Obama:

Follow it up with a video of foul-mouthed comedienne Kathy Griffin dropping an F-bomb while hosting New Year's on CNN. Does it even matter if someone curses on live TV any more, as Rachel Sklar of Mediate asks?* Is the four-letter word no longer taboo? Either way, CNN had fair warning--last year Griffin lashed out at a heckler on live TV.

*original sentence incorrectly suggested that FCC obscenity guidelines apply to cable networks. Thanks to commenter Marshall for correction.

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