On the 2nd Day of Krustmas, Everyone Was Impotent

Jason Peters tells how guitar-strumming Bible-thumpers destroy December

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AUTHOR: Jason Peters of Front Porch Republic

AKA: Author of previously noted screed regarding 'Krustians'

LENGTH: 1,135 words

NEW SUBJECT OF COMPLAINT: 'Krustmas'--tacky, Jesus-loving Christians' attempt to re-take Christmas

ONE AMONG MANY KRUSTIAN OFFENSES: Thinking Silent Night is a good song

RESPONSE: "Ah, shit"

COURSE OF ACTION: Self-medicate and wait eagerly for Lent


APPROPRIATE PLACE OF ST. ATHANASIUS: Considered for Christmas reading by true Christians, but rejected in favor of "all the pills in the medicine cabinet and a bottle of Absolut"

APPROPRIATE PLACE OF POETRY: Emergency measure to keep up spirits until "that trainload of Prozac finally arrive[s]"


Then I walk outside on the 26th and see that giant stain on the ground, and the old ticker shrivels altogether. The crime scene is too horrendous to behold. The carnage is beyond belief. It's the second day of Krustmas, and everyone's already done, love-spent, impotent, dazed, hungover. When you cease preparing for feast days, you lose the capacity to celebrate festal seasons. Might as well bring on Theophany right away--as if the Incarnation had been nothing more than Jesus in a party hat blowing out his candles. No wonder we eat all the football we can on New Year's Day. We just watched Jesus age another year just like the rest of us poor sods. At 2,009 he's got some unseemly wrinkles. He needs Osteen's make-up guy.

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