Commercializing Christmas Shows We Care

Michael Medved has an unusual take on a common Christmas complaint

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Has anyone not heard the familiar complaint about the commercialization of Christmas? The evils of capitalism and materialism were a driving theme even going back to Dickens's classic 1843 Yuletide tale, A Christmas Carol. So to put a splash of contrarianism in your eggnog, Michael Medved at conservative Townhall says we shouldn't knock the commercialization of Christmas--it may actually be a way of expressing warmth. Here's how:

The surge of gift-buying strengthens the commercial and personal connections of inter-dependence that make community possible ...
What's negative about the prospect of hundreds of millions of Americans taking great pains to express affection for friends and family? In fact, the kind instincts behind the giving mania and the ubiquitous figure of Santa may at least bring us closer to the higher love that's part of the holiday's religious message.
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