'What's the Most Depressing Day of the Week?'

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As any working stiff knows, Monday is universally considered the "worst day of the week." However, a new paper from researchers in Germany belies the global reach of the evil day. Germans, far from hating Monday, by-and-large consider Sunday the "bluest day," according to survey results of "subjective well-being."

The New Republic's Zubin Jelveh was inspired by the news to create a corresponding chart for U.S. respondents. His results were beyond similar; they actually indicated that Americans on Sunday were even less happy than Germans, and far less happy than on every other day of the week. He concludes with the following disclaimer:

"I didn't control for any demographic factors, so the pattern could be driven by things like marital status, employment, health, etc. Still, it looks like it might be time for the Bangles to get back in the studio for a remix" [of their 1986 hit single 'Manic Monday.']

Is Sunday, not Monday, the most depressing day of the week?

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