On Thanksgiving, 10 Things Pundits Are Grateful For

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As Americans head home for Thanksgiving, pundits are preparing for the holiday too. Even in the midst of a persistent recession, a long war, and an extended bout of Sarah Palin fever, pundits say there is plenty to be thankful for. The top ten reasons the pundits are giving thanks this year.

  • Bergdorf Goodman At the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan is grateful that her family, friends, and beloved New York department store Bergdorf Goodman are still standing tall after a hard year.
Something about the sight of it caught me--proud Bergdorf's, anchor of midtown commerce. It looked exactly as it looked 10 years ago, 20, only better. Because it's there. New York has been so damaged by the crash, and last year at this time small shops, the ones with the smallest margin for error, were closing. And now I see more that are opening, and Bergdorf's is preparing its Christmas windows. The sight of it came like an affirmation. We're still here. I am so grateful.
  • Americans Are Still Conservative Monica Charen of The National Review says it is a pleasant surprise that one year after Barack Obama's election, the American people don't support a health care overhaul, voted Democrats out of office in the mid-term elections, and disapprove of the president's job performance overall. "One of the Gallup polls showed that most voters believed back in January that Obama would govern as a moderate. As they discover his liberalism, disillusionment is setting in. Let us give thanks."
  • America Is Becoming a Nation of Mongrels And Joe Klein of Time Magazine says it's a good thing. "One of the joys of Thanksgiving when I was a kid was my parents' insistence on inviting friends from other countries to join us for this most American of holidays. Scott Simon celebrates that tradition in a column today--and makes the point that we are increasingly, triumphantly, a nation of mongrels...one of the things I love most about this country."
  • Obama Will Be a One Term President The American Spectator's Andrew Cline says "The Obama juggernaut is fragmenting upon the jagged outcroppings of American popular resistance." And for this, Cline is grateful. "Thanks to his overreaching, Obama might really have only two years to enact as much of his agenda as he can, not four or eight. This Thanksgiving, that is something for which conservatives ought to be deeply thankful."
  • Sarah Palin Salon's Garrison Keillor says "we in the book business are thankful for her, that a busy woman who wanted to tell her story chose the medium of ink and paper between hard covers. Her tour is not about politics. It's about books." And because Garrison Keillor knows that "that's the challenge of Thanksgiving -- to gather among our kin who know us a little too well and have an amiable occasion enjoyed equally by all, at which nobody is stabbed through the heart with a carving knife."
  • Employees The Harvard Business Review's Ron Ashkenas reminds his readers to "appreciate all those who contributed to the collective success."
  • The Arts Are Surviving the Recession At The Huffington Post, Michael Kaiser, president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, says "we must be grateful that our arts organizations have proven to be so resilient." Kaiser says the country needs the arts during the hard times even more. "The arts have always provided inspiration during our darkest moments; let us all give thanks that even in this difficult period we have great art to give us solace."
  • I'm Thankful I'm Not President Obama Joan Walsh of Salon is "particularly grateful" not to be in the oval office this Thanksgiving. Walsh says "there's a lot to criticize" the president for, but that the expectations of progressives were never realistic. "From Arianna Huffington on his left, warning that rising unemployment could be "Obama's Katrina," to the ever-crazier Glenn Beck on his right, threatening to desecrate the memory of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with an anti-Obama March on Washington 37 years to the day after King's triumphant convening: His critics are sparing no rhetorical excess in their rush to denounce the president."
  • A Cornucopia of Thanks Stephen Grocer of The Wall Street Journal is thankful for "President Obama's sinking approval rating, John Updike, Helicopter Ben, China and America."
  • God Newt Gingrich is giving "thanks to the Creator who is the source of our sovereignty."

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