Is the Media Pushing Women From Politics?

Meghan McCain says harsh criticism dissuades young women from seeking office

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Why is Meghan McCain, daughter of John and up-and-coming Republican pundit, praising Hillary Clinton? She empathizes with the troubles of being a "powerful woman in politics." In her column at the Daily Beast, McCain argues that the "ugly" treatment of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin hasn't inspired young women, but dissuaded them from aspiring to political careers. As she explains:

Having seen female candidates attacked on the right and the left, why would any woman my age ever feel inspired to run for office? What kind of example has the media set for my generation of women?

So yes, Sarah Palin is a woman with five children and her physical appearance is deemed "too beautiful for politics." And on the other end, Hillary Clinton is criticized for not being beautiful enough, for being "too tough" in the man's world that she resides.

This one is too hard. This one is too soft. Who will ever be just right?
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