Christina Ambers Weds the Doorman

A foot model starts a Manhattan class war

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Love, photo-friendly feet and a Manhattan doorman have come together to mark a new chapter in the annals of New York class warfare. Christina Ambers, once called the "Heidi Klum" of foot models, filed a $10 million lawsuit against her Upper East Side co-op for shunning her when she married Angel Rotger, a former porter of the complex. For their part, neighbors have said the problem is that Ambers is an unruly neighbor who struts in skimpy outfits. Whatever the facts, there's been a flurry opinion:

  • The Facts Don't Matter, says Gawker's Hamilton Nolan. "The most interesting part of this story ... is the question of whether the New York Post can stir up a decent amount of class-based outrage amongst its readers on behalf of a couple that is one-half Latino man from the Bronx."
  • Protect the Feet, says Daily Intel's Jessica Pressler. The suit states that Ambers has been made to hail taxis and get packages on her own since marrying Rotgers. "We all know what that means," says Pressler. "One papercut or stubbed toe, and this story could have a very unhappy ending."

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