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Bloggers are furious about "Burkha Barbie," recently announced as part of an auction to benefit Save the Children. The outrage is lighting up bloggers on the right and center in an incandescent display. Here are some of the choicer bits of bile being directed at the hapless doll and its creators:

  • 'The Sort of Dolls Muhammed's Pre-Pubescent Wife Was Playing With,' declares Robert at Jihadwatch.
  • Let's Stone Them, Too  "No word yet," writes the conservative Michelle Malkin, "on whether the dolls will be subjected to female genital mutilation or come with stoning pits in order to accurately represent their 'diversity.'"
  • The 'Infidel Slut' Finds Some Clothes  "Great News," reads Closet Conservative's headline: "That Bitch, Barbie Has Finally Reverted." Closet Conservative explains that "After being a silly infidel slut for so many years, flipping her kufar blonde hair all over the place, tempting men everywhere and just asking to get raped-finally, Barbie has seen the light and reverted to Islam." The writer wonders if Barbie will be allowed to learn how to read, and suggests, provocatively, that she "stab an IDF soldier so that at least she could grow up in an Israeli jail and get an education." A particularly snarky satirical parting note:
Unfortunately, Ken-that stubborn bastard refused to convert and was subsequently beheaded by Aisha's father. The company reports that the development of a Mukhabarbierat secret police and modesty squad is in development.
  • Why Not 'Child Bride' Barbie?  Scared Monkeys suggests a new definition for irony: "a charity action to save the children by promoting a doll that displays the subjugation that female children should be saved from." A clip from the breathless rant:
What next, barefoot and pregnant Barbie, with a ball & chain attached to the kitchen stove? ... What on earth are these people thinking and once again we see the dangers of a PC world and not calling a spade a spade. FOLKS, Think of the sick irony involved with this! A Save the Children charity auction with a Burkha Barbie, WTF! ... What's the matter, 'child bride' Barbie did not make the cut?
  • Polygyny Sold Separately  Weasel Zippers' pressing question: "Do they come in sets of four with one Ken doll for the husband?"
  • Seriously: This Is Dreadful  The editors of The Washington Times took up the cause on Sunday. "Barbie," they acknowledge, "has long been a source of controversy .... But the upside of Barbie and the image Mattel has cultivated is inspiring the notion of unlimited possibilities. Barbie could be anything a girl wanted her to be - a lawyer, a doctor, an astronaut, a homemaker." The message, however, of this new doll is clear "to little girls worldwide: Abandon all hope." Neither do the editors refrain from adding their own jab: "We wonder if Burkha Barbie will have acid thrown in her face if she removes the burqa, which is the current fad among hard-core Islamists in Afghanistan targeting schoolgirls who abjure the offensive garment."

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