Gay Activists on the 'Left Fringe'

An unnamed White House advisor sends out a poorly timed signal

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This weekend did not mark the high point in relations between President Obama and the gay rights activists who marched on Washington. Obama's gesture toward eliminating "don't ask don't tell" was received with skepticism. But a much lower point was reached when an anonymous administration official was reported to have said that agitation was a product of the "left fringe," and that bloggers ought to get out of their pajamas.

Despite some White House damage control and skepticism from reporters who cautioned against reading too much into the statement of an anonymous source, the blogosphere exploded, with some conservatives joining liberals in the attack:

  • Pam Spaulding: "Less than 24 hours after the President declared his unwavering support for the LGBT community, the White House has decided to sh*t on citizen journalists on the left who are simply advocating for our civil rights. This is a real shot across the bow."
  • Andrew Sullivan: "The actual generation that elected him, that built an Internet movement that was critical to his success, is dismissed in this cowardly fashion by someone who lives in 1993 for ever. This is the Clinton Syndrome. Never again."
  • Ed Morrissey: "It turns out that the White House likes to ignore all kinds of 'community organizing,' now that Barack Obama has won the election."
  • Dan Riehl: "The WH tells the reality-based community to get real. But, hey, just because it was the Right that saw this guy coming from a mile away, the Left is still home to the smart ones, yes? Yeah, we're just the rubes over here. One almost wants to take their side here given that they are bloggers."
  • Jane Hamsher: "White House Contempt For Bloggers and 'Left of the Left' Is A Pattern"
  • Nancy Scola: "The White House Likes Bloggers, Just Not the Ones in Pajamas"
  • Doug Mataconis: "Geez guys, it's gotta suck. The guy used you to get elected, he'll take your money, but he's not going to life a finger to advance your agenda. Welcome to politics."
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